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„The amount of money in the monetary system is not fixed.“

Mojmír Hampl, bývalý vice-guvernér Českej národnej banky

Learn the inner workings of current monetary system straight from the mouths of respected economists and bankers.

„Banks should be the primary tool to fight the money laundering. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.“

Pavla Holcová, investigatívna novinárka

In 2020 alone, banks have been charged over 12 billion euro in fines for failures in following anti money laundering guidelines. Will it be enough?

„We can imagine using cryptocurrencies as if we could send cash over the internet.“

Juraj Bednár, etický hacker

Discover fascinating world of cryptography, hashing, mining and decentralization from views of top local experts in the field of cryptocurrency, IT security and business.

„Send a tank to the blockchain! Where?“

Roman Týc, spoluzakladateľ Paralelní Polis

Only time will tell how the conflict between centralized and decentralized financial solutions will play out.

„It’s like playing a dumb terrorist.“

Karel Kyovský, technický riaditeľ GeneralBytes

Entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency field don’t have it easy. With is the state’s stance when it comes to crypto technologies?


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